Dull/Dry Skin

A very common complaint for our clients both young and old is dry, dull, dehydrated, lacklustre skin. No one can argue that when your skin is hydrated and glowing you look happy and healthy. Many factors affect the appearance of dull skin including lifestyle, weather, diet and the type of skincare you do (or don’t!) use. In the Medispa we have a wide range of non-surgical approaches to better your skin’s appearance with little to no downtime, that will nourish and hydrate your complexion.

If you need an instant glow for a special event or a more consistent treatment plan our skin therapist and Registered Nurse will have you glowing in no time. Remember that skin is the largest organ of the body and is always changing, therefore no one-off skin treatment will give you a long-term result. With great home care and occasional dull skin treatments or dry skin treatments, you can have smooth, hydrated, glowing skin from now until forever!

Medical Grade Facial Peels

Medical-Grade Facial Peels, also known as Medical-Grade Chemical Peels, deliver true anti-ageing results combined with a fresh glow of youthful-looking skin.


Medical Grade Microdermabrasion

Medical-Grade Microdermabrasion at the Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary MediSpa is a quick and easy non-invasive treatment that can be performed in your lunch break with no downtime.


Skin Needling

Revitalise your skin and tackle a variety of ageing concerns with the Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary MediSpa’s latest offering of Dermastamp® treatments.


Cosmeceutical Skincare

At the Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary MediSpa we use the medical-grade Aspect Doctor, Results Rx, SkinMedica and Colorescience ranges of skincare products, which are formulated especially for use in medical practices and in anti-ageing skincare regimes.