Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Here at Eden, while we believe in ageing gracefully, fine lines and wrinkles along with other signs of ageing skin can be frustrating. Slower production of collagen in your skin and decreased cell-turnover time means that wrinkles appear faster and more often as we age.

Skin ageing is caused by multiple factors. The most obvious factor is the effect of time upon our skin and ‘wrinkling’ is a result of your genes and biological age. . However, more often than not, a large majority of wrinkles can be caused, or intensified, by UV sun exposure. Harmful UV rays can break down collagen fibres leading to wrinkling of skin. Other skin ageing causes are significantly influenced by lifestyle, using an inappropriate mix of skin care products, diet and cigarette smoke. The parts of our body which are more exposed to the external environment, such as our face, neck and hands, tend to be more prone to ageing and wrinkling compared to other parts of our body.

Our experienced registered nurse and skin therapist are trained in many non-surgical fine line treatments and wrinkle treatments, at medical grade, so that we can best apply our expertise to helping you with your concerns.

Skin Needling

Revitalise your skin and tackle a variety of ageing concerns with the Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary MediSpa’s latest offering of Dermastamp® treatments.


Organic Blood Facial

Organic Blood Facial is a medical treatment that can be used to address many ageing concerns, similar to a Vampire Facial, it is especially useful for improving the volume, tone and texture of the skin.


Cosmetic Injections / Dermal Fillers

Cosmetic Injections and Dermal Fillers are specifically designed to enhance your facial volume, rejuvenate your look and reduce the signs of ageing.