Medical Grade Microdermabrasion

Medical-Grade Microdermabrasion at the Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary MediSpa is a quick and easy non-invasive treatment that can be performed in your lunch break with no downtime.

Medical-Grade Microdermabrasion

By deeply exfoliating and polishing the top layers of your skin with tiny micro-crystals, Microdermabrasion lifts dead skin cells and refines the pores, helps control breakouts and minimise acne scars, and restores a healthy tone to your complexion. Microdermabrasion also helps stimulate collagen production and cell turnover, and helps to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles, dull skin and discolouration.

Microdermabrasion can be performed on the face, neck, back and hands.

How To Maximise Your Treatment Outcomes

A Microdermabrasion procedure can help improve your appearance significantly, but this is just the first step. Post-treatment care is equally important to ensure that your outcomes are enhanced and maintained.

We recommend that you use quality Medical-Grade Skincare Products post-treatment to retain and prolong your treatment results.

Why medical-grade? Medical-Grade Skincare Products are often formulated by clinicians and physicians and are based on results and trials. They contain a higher concentration of active ingredients than products available in a supermarket and are created to target specific skin concerns and conditions. In some cases, they can enhance and prolong the results of cosmetic surgery and work to transform the skin and offer ongoing results rather than a quick fix.

It is natural for your skin to be slightly sensitive after a facial treatment, which is why good quality skincare is essential to ensure the fastest recovery and best results. We also recommend our patients switch to Medical-Grade Mineral Makeup after treatments as pure mineral makeup is crafted from high quality natural ingredients that can be beneficial for your skin. We may also recommend you start skincare treatment before your procedure in order to get the best possible value and results from your procedure.

The Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary MediSpa is a specialist non-surgical rejuvenation clinic and our commitment to caring for our patients doesn’t stop after you have had your treatment. We always make tailored recommendations for all our patients to help them with their recovery and to maximise their aesthetic goals.

Interested in our medical-grade Microdermabrasion treatments? Contact The Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary today. We are conveniently located in, Baulkham Hills, Chatswood and Richmond in Sydney.