Tummy Tuck Surgery Sydney

If you are concerned with abdominal fat, loose muscles and sagging skin, the Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary can help you with a full Tummy Tuck procedure, which reduces excess fat and skin, while tightening and flattening the anterior abdominal wall.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy Tuck surgery, also known as an abdominoplasty, is useful to restore firmness after pregnancy and it can help re-contour the abdominal region following major weight loss. For some of us, the years have left us with this tell-tale little ‘apron’ around the middle which we cannot get rid of, even with diet and exercise.

During Tummy Tuck surgery, an incision is made from hip to hip above the pubic area, in line with the ‘bikini line’. Liposuction may be used to remove fat and refine the contours, and excess skin is removed. The navel may need to be repositioned, and then the area is stitched closed, using multiple sutures, as required. This allows the abdominal muscles to be tightened, resulting in a more pleasing and comfortable flattened appearance.

Following surgery, you will wear a compression bandage, and you may have temporary tubes in place to drain excess fluids and minimise swelling. Most people can return to work 2 weeks after Tummy Tuck Surgery, but strenuous activity is best avoided for up to 2 months. Results will be noticeable immediately after surgery, but more so after swelling and bruising have gone down. While you will have a noticeable scar, this will be hidden beneath your underwear. Scars also improve over in the weeks following your Tummy Tuck Procedure.

Mummy Makeover Surgery

After pregnancy and childbirth, there are many parts of the body that can become altered. The stomach skin can stretch beyond natural repair, and breast shape and elasticity can also become damaged. A Mummy Makeover involves a Tummy Tuck procedure as well as either Breast Lift Surgery, Breast Augmentation, both or breast reduction surgery.

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