Nipple Conditions / Surgery

Many women have nipple conditions that concern them. Changes in nipple position or size can be due to congenital issues, or occur after significant weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or simply with ageing itself.

Nipple Conditions/Surgery

Nipple conditions can be corrected with specialised Nipple Repair Surgery or in conjunction with other breast surgeries, such as Breast Augmentation Surgery, Breast Lift Surgery or Breast Reduction Surgery.

Inverted Nipples Repair Surgery

Inverted nipples are caused by tight and shortened breast duct tissue and for many women, the nipples are either inverted temporarily or constantly. Inverted Nipple Repair Surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that corrects an inverted or flattened nipple, with excellent results that last for the long term.

The correction of nipple inversion can be performed alone or in conjunction with other breast surgeries such as Breast Augmentation Surgery.

If the inverted nipple repair is done on its own without other Breast Surgeries, then it can usually be done under local anaesthetic in our surgery.

Nipple Reduction Surgery

Due to reasons such as prolonged breast feeding or ageing, some women develop excessively large nipples that tend to flop or droop down over the areola. Many women who are considering Breast Augmentation have raised these concerns about their nipples. The correction for this condition involves surgically recessing the nipple into the areola by trimming redundant skin around the nipple. This procedure not only fully restores an appropriate nipple projection from the breasts but it also helps instil confidence for women who have long experienced embarrassment because of the condition. Nipple Reduction Surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia with little down time – most people can return to work and resume their normal routine within a few days. Next day or same day Nipple Reduction Surgery can be done in conjunction with other Breast Surgeries.

When you talk to Dr Kumar about your concerns, he will assess and guide you as to the most appropriate course of action for you.

Areola Reduction Surgery

Sometimes the areolas may appear to be excessively large and out of proportion to a woman’s breasts. This enlargement can occur after childbirth or significant weight gain. Areolar Reduction Surgery is a procedure that reduces the size of the dark pigmented skin around the nipple. The goal is to make the nipple look subtler and less puffy. The procedure itself ranges from 1 to 2 hours under local or general anaesthetic, depending on a combination of presenting factors. The incision is made around the nipple to remove the dark pigmented area of the areola before it is closed with stitches. As the stitches dissolve over time, so too will any scars from the procedure. Downtime is not long and patients can usually return to normal activities within a few days of surgery.

Areola Reduction is often combined with other procedures such as Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction or Breast Lift to ensure optimum aesthetic results. If you feel that your areolas look stretched or too large, Areola Reduction Surgery may be suitable for you.

Dr Kumar will assess your specific condition and advise the best way forward in terms of surgical technique.

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